Malignant neuroleptic syndorme

Yesterday a young male patient with history of autism and aggressive behaviour was presented at our ER and directly admissioned to our ICU. In a community hospital the question was raised, cloud that be a malignant neuroleptic syndrome. I took that as an opportunity to think a about this entity.

With the help of my dear colleague Sascha Berning we have sketched a possible SOP for malignant neuroleptic syndrome.


There is a very good score in uptodate

Malignant neuroleptic syndrome

Neurointensivmedizin – kompakt 2012, Altenburg : J. Berrouschot, Klinikum Altenburger Land, 978-3-00-036912-4,

Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, Wijdicks et al., 2013,




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